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July 1, 2021 4:00 pm pst

Join me in a weekly class to learn the basics of computer aided design (CAD) with Onshape! (Ages 10+) About this event Onshape is a free, online CAD (computer aided design) software that runs in browser, so no downloads are needed. Join me for weekly lessons to hang out and have fun learning the software. From beginner to advanced, we’ll cover new ideas each week to help you bring your ideas into reality. Knowledge of CAD is a great tool to have, and opens up hundreds of opportunities for school and employment. CAD is also fun! It’s really a unique experience to see your own ideas turned into reality, and to be able to share those ideas with other like never before. Ages 10+ Lucien is a high school student in Chapel Hill, NC, who has a love for engineering and mechanical design. He is an active member of his high-school robotics team, and is currently working as an intern for a medical robotics company. Independently, he is working towards a professional certification in SolidWorks. Lucien enjoys teaching design and STEM, and would love to take any students who are interested.

June 30, 2021 12:00 pm pst

This is a new fan club for kids who have read some of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. About this event Calling all Warriors fans! Let’s talk about our favorite Warrior cats and things we like about the series. Ages 9-12 Kaiya is an avid fan of the Warriors series (by Erin Hunter). She loves reading and is looking forward to meeting other Warriors fans.

June 29, 2021 12:30 pm PST

This class is a chance for kids to read and write poetry together. Some weeks we will explore a new form of poetry or the history of poetry. About this event This class is for kids aged 6 to 10 and will be led by Beatrice (aged 7) and Theodora (aged 9). Everyone should bring paper and pencil as well as any favorite poems. We’ll read poetry, write poetry, do poetry prompts, and learn a little about the history and form of poems. Ages 6-10 Beatrice and Theodora are sisters who like poetry and reading.

June 29, 2021 10:00 am pst

Learn drawing techniques with straight lines to hone your ability to see simply and translate from a 3D image to a 2D surface. About this event In this class, we focus on drawing with straight lines so that we can hone our ability to see simply and accurately draw the big shapes. Proportions are so crucial to getting a drawing “correct.” We need to learn to map objects out on the page first before jumping into details. Since there is a multitude of things to study to improve your control and methods of rendering, taking one thing at a time can help clarify and foster the focus. To this end, we discuss ways to see 2-dimensionally so that we can better translate the 3-D onto the 2-D surface. This helps us see more “objectively” so that we can ultimately make better decisions. With practice, we are connecting our eyes to the pencil tip and thus becoming more lean mean seeing machines. All Ages Welcome Nora Daniel has traveled the world, painting the myriad of people, places and animals she encounters. A classically trained realist, she finds inspiration in what she observes, but also infuses each work with a unique point of view. Even her pastoral scenes are marked by vibrant colors and unusual, sometimes playful, compositions. These choices imbue each image with striking depth, mystery and optimism. She is a well revered teacher who has teaches workshops provides private lessons. She also accepts commissions and can be found on Etsy, Instagram and Patreon.

June 28, 2021 12:30 pm pst

A Harry Potter Zoom discussion group (Ages 7-12) About this event We do Harry Potter activities such as anagrams, trivia, discussion questions, and comparing characters. We’re one of the longest-running HomeschoolCoop events! Age Range: 7-12 Pascal (age 9) has read all of the Harry Potter books 9 times.

June 29, 2021 2:00 pm pst

We will teach students how to become better creative writers in a series of workshops that focus on storytelling and poetry. About this event This class will help aspiring writers 10 years and older improve their skills in narration and self-expression. Through the span of 8 weekly workshops, students will learn how to become a better creative writer and/or poet by infusing the art of storytelling into their writing. This is an essential skill for people who want to become better communicators or are looking for an engaging hobby. Creative writing can be a daunting field to enter, so we want to encourage those who are interested by offering technical advice and a platform to showcase their work. We will be compiling their short stories and poems into a book at the end. Ages 10+ Amber and Aurelia are high schooler and linguaphiles seeking to help others share their stories.

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