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Gooey Science

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September 14, 2021 10:00 am
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September 14, 2021 11:00 am

Join us for some Gooey Science!

In this class, children will learn about some basic principals of chemistry, and explore them with some fun hands on science experiments. Each meeting children will be able to explore the day’s concept by interacting with several different experiments and learning about the science each represent. Children can choose to engage with as many experiments as they like, or watch and try them with family after class.

Our meeting topics are as follows:

Chemical Reactions – Acids & Bases
Learn the differences between and acid and a base, and the reactions that can happen when the two meet. We’ll first learn about this with a demonstration only experiment, where I will create a “fire snake” using baking soda and sugar. Then we’ll explore acid/base reactions more together with the following experiments:

Dancing Rice – Baking Soda & Vinegar – what happens when an acid meets a base

Invisible Ink – messages with lemon juice

Colloids and Solutions
In this meeting we will learn about colloids and solutions. We’ll learn what they are, how they happen, and things they can create. To demonstrate I’ll start off with an experiment involving Skittles. Then, together, well explore the topic more together by making:

Oobleck (Cornstarch and water)

Homemade butter

Surface Tension
Explore one of the wonders of liquids – surface tension. We’ll learn why some bugs can walk on water and why it it can sometimes hurt when you dive into a pool (aka belly flop style). We’ll explore surface tension more with some bubbly fun.

We will create our own homemade bubble solution (complete with bubble wands). We’ll then learn some cool bubble science fun facts and experiment with bubbles – including learning how temperature can affect them.

Then, we will do a floating paperclip experiment and learn how adding some of our bubble solution changes the surface tension of the water.

Exploring polymers
Polymers are all around us! In this meeting we will learn what exactly a polymer is and how they can happen. Then we’ll learn about some of the different forms we encounter in our every day life.

First I will demonstrate a hydrogel. This is a type of polymer that is sometimes used in growing plants, and is also commonly found in many types of disposable diapers. Then, we’ll get our hands dirty and make some different polymers of our own:


Making Plastic – Milk & Vinegar

Then, afterwards, I will do quick demonstration showing how polymers can be separated.


Gooey Science

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