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History of Chocolate – Hands-On Adventure (Ages 9+)

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September 7, 2021 10:00 am
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September 7, 2021 11:00 am

Have you ever wondered how chocolate came into existence?

Did you know that for most of history chocolate was consumed as a drink?  It wasn’t until the 1800’s that it began taking the form of the candies that we think of today.  Believe it or not, chocolate has a pretty interesting history, and in this class we’ll cover how it started, how the chocolate craze took the West by storm, and some of the consequences that had for the countries the cocoa beans came from.

However, this isn’t just a lecture – this is also a hands on journey! On this 4-day history adventure we will take a little journey through time and prepare a chocolate treat similar to how it was served in each pivotal point in its history.

Day 1 – The Maya & Aztecs 

Learn the history behind chocolate, its importance, and how it got its start in the form of a spicy ceremonial drink. Then, we’ll get hands on, and prepare a chocolate drink reminiscent to how it was consumed by the Maya and Aztecs.

Day 2 – Spanish Court
When the Spanish Conquistadors invaded the Americas chocolate was one of the prized acquisitions they brought back with them to Spain.  Learn what happened when chocolate was brought back to Europe and how the cooks of the court altered the original recipe to make it more suitable to European palates.  We’ll once again get hands on and prepare a chocolate drink similar to how those in the Spanish court would have consumed it.

Day 3 – Journey to Versailles 

It wasn’t long before chocolate made its way to one of the biggest (and most decadent) world powers of the time – France.  In 1615 it was gifted to King Louis XIII from his soon to be wife, Anne of Austria.  From then on, it became a sensation, and became a symbol of beauty and power.  We’ll dive into the royal French court and prepare the chocolate, still only consumed as a drink, in a similar way to how it was consumed in the 1600’s by the French.

Day 4 – Chocolate as a Confection

As time and technology moved forth, chocolate began to take another form – as a dessert.  It was in the 1700’s that the first chocolate confections began to be made.  Then, when the industrial revolution hit chocolate soon began making its way into kitchens across Europe and America.  Thus, the modern day chocolate treat we know was born!  We’ll get hands on by making an easy classic favorite – chocolate fudge.  While we’re making this recipe I’ll take about the significance of the ingredients and how it allowed chocolate to be able to be more easily mass produced.

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History of Chocolate – Hands-On Adventure (Ages 9+)

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