Drawing and Painting with Nora (All Ages)

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Learn drawing techniques with straight lines to hone your ability to see simply and translate from a 3D image to a 2D surface.

About this event

In this class, we focus on drawing with straight lines so that we can hone our ability to see simply and accurately draw the big shapes. Proportions are so crucial to getting a drawing “correct.” We need to learn to map objects out on the page first before jumping into details. Since there is a multitude of things to study to improve your control and methods of rendering, taking one thing at a time can help clarify and foster the focus. To this end, we discuss ways to see 2-dimensionally so that we can better translate the 3-D onto the 2-D surface. This helps us see more “objectively” so that we can ultimately make better decisions. With practice, we are connecting our eyes to the pencil tip and thus becoming more lean mean seeing machines.

All Ages Welcome

Nora Daniel has traveled the world, painting the myriad of people, places and animals she encounters. A classically trained realist, she finds inspiration in what she observes, but also infuses each work with a unique point of view. Even her pastoral scenes are marked by vibrant colors and unusual, sometimes playful, compositions. These choices imbue each image with striking depth, mystery and optimism. She is a well revered teacher who has teaches workshops provides private lessons. She also accepts commissions and can be found on Etsy, Instagram and Patreon.

Date, Time and Venue
  • June 29, 2021 - July 27, 2021
  • 10:00 am to 11:00 am pst
  • Online Meeting